Greyhound Form Guide

Greyhound racing is gaining popularity in Australia and beyond. The Greyhound form guide is one of the key elements for winning in Greyhound racing. It contains all the important info on the greyhound’s recent performances, form, and previous performance reports. Therefore, it is important that you read the form guide before placing bets.

With the arrival of online betting, punting on the greyhound races has never been more convenient. You can bet from home, the office or even while on holidays. All you require is an internet connection and an online bookmaker. Online betting sites feature news and reviews about the upcoming greyhound races, with fixed-odds on every contender. One may put their money on any sport but the thrill of putting a wager on these magnificent sprinting dogs is no match.

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Racing in the UK

Britain is considered a leader in Greyhound races with a very high number of punters, estimated to be about one third of the total horse racing punters. Roughly this means that every 1 out of 25 Britons bet on such events. Greyhound Racing began in its present form in the UK in 1926 at Manchester’s purpose built Belle Vue stadium. Brought from the United States, the sport was an almost an instant success.

The Greyhound Racing has been becoming very popular over recent time and the crowd at events has reached almost 4 million per annum with the 31 licensed racing tracks in the United Kingdom. The turnover on punting in general has been seen a sharp increase up to over 50 billion pounds in the year 2003/04. The advent of online sport books has made betting on greyhound racing quick and simpler than it was ever before.

On a regular basis, greyhound races can be seen at the many venues including the Belle Vue in Manchester, Brighton and Brough Park in Newcastle, Coventry, Crayford Glasgow, Gretna, Hall Green in Birmingham among other places throughout Britain.

Races are also showcased at the meetings of the Bookmakers Afternoon Greyhound Service (BAGS). These meetings are part of the Greyhound Predictions tipster service and they were founded for the facilitation of the off-course bookmakers which offer punting during the day.

Greyhound Classification

Each greyhound is given a classification based on the best time the dog achieves in trials. The classification is chosen which gives the dog a fighting chance to win against other dogs with similar capabilities. Open Race grade races allow dogs to race without the restriction of a specific classification. For graded races the system is to allot a letter prefix for the distance of the race, for example A represents a distance of 450m at a particular stadium, and a number for the grade, 1 being the highest; so assigning A1 for the fastest dogs over 450m down to A9 for the slower dogs at that stadium.

Betting on Greyhound Racing

Betting on greyhound racing is a crossroads in the punting industry. Early on punters used to put wagers on horse races and sports. However, Greyhound racing has now become very popular among punters.

Punters like placing bets on the online sports book on Greyhound races; however, many people are still confused about some aspects of punting on Greyhounds. The punter’s confusion lies in the calculation of the odds and prediction of the winner. If you too love wagering on the Greyhound races, then you need to understand how the entire process of payout works and you also need to know the winning techniques.

It is good to know about the recent form of the greyhound. You also need to find out whether the greyhound has had any blocked runs or accidents during prior races. This way you have a better idea about the Greyhound you will be backing. It’s a good idea to never go for big wins in the earlier stages. Initially, it is better to play safe and win small wagers. Even if the odds on offer are not very high, you may still want to lay a bet as this gives you a higher chance of winning a payout. Greyhound form guides are easily available online. Using all this information available when placing a wager online is a crucial betting strategy. Whether you are betting from home, the office or even while traveling, you can gain valuable greyhound betting information and statistics online. It has never been a better time to place those winning wagers – online.